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... how it began ...

... CookieDoLicious really began decades ago when i was a child, in my nan's kitchen in west sussex. life was much simpler then and the joy of scraping the left over cake mix from a grip stand mixing bowl on a cold, tiled floor became a magical treat and left fond childhood memories. from my mid teens, food played an important part of my life, and over time this interest grew too and i developed a taste for yummy food - especially something sweet. in my adult life, my family and i were lucky enough to move to the u.s where i came to understand the american passion for cookiedough. having tried what was available and wondering if i could improve on the offering, my "dough" journey began! i have experimented with flavours, textures and ingredient combinations and have now created an edible, bakable, raw cookiedough, which is completely safe to eat ... 

... little did i realise a simple childhood memory would spark my imagination and lead to the creation of CookieDoLicious! 

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